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The family of a man in a neighboring state of Oregon recently found a related death among themselves dealing with this issue after a man died as a result of a fatal punch to the man's face.

Severe and Traumatic Brain Injuries. WHEN A FATAL PUNCH CAN INFLICT BRAIN INJURY AND WHY YOU MUST DEFEND Against TBI Each and everyday people throughout the USA, including in Washinton, suffer head trauma injuries at the hands of others, sometimes literally a traumatic brain injury or TBI. While in many cases the injuries are minor and the […]

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After the personal injury suit, She is grateful that she will be able to move back into her home and receive the specialized care there in the presence of her husband.

Jury Awards Woman 31.9 Million for Injuries

WOMAN HAS BEEN AWARDED $31.9M FOR INJURIES SUFFERED IN AUTO ACCIDENT Car accidents will occur regularly throughout Northern Washington State. Though more than a few people spend so much time and effort contemplating about the accidents, In so many, many cases, they will and can result in major if any bodily and property injuries at […]

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