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Jury Awards Woman 31.9 Million for Injuries

After the personal injury suit, She is grateful that she will be able to move back into her home and receive the specialized care there in the presence of her husband.


Car accidents will occur regularly throughout Northern Washington State. Though more than a few people spend so much time and effort contemplating about the accidents, In so many, many cases, they will and can result in major if any bodily and property injuries at all. At other times, however, the final out come of a car or vehicle accident could many times be catastrophic and a horrific outcome for all. A Washinton State woman is well aware of this outcome and will show you here.

The woman was involved in a serious car accident in the fall of 2015. The van was a bus that she was driving, an 22 passenger seat bus to be exact, as it crashed over and jackknifed another large vehicle semi-truck. Before the semi-truck jack knifed, the semi had been speeding and headed in the exact opposite direction. This girl suffered many minor as well as serious injuries in the wreck including:

  • Facial breaks and fractures
  • Lacerated liver
  • Traumatic brain and skull damage and injury
  • Multiple skull fractures over the entire cranium
  • A broken mandible and ribs
  • Injuries to her lower extremities

As a result of the personal and multiple injuries, this woman has suffered from other ailments including handicapping and is currently planning to get into a highly skilled and specialized local nursing facility.

The accident that has been followed, the husband on the wife’s behalf has filed a serious lawsuit against the trucking outfit that had hired the driver of this jack knifed truck that was at blame. The justice system, by way of a jury, has found in their favor.

This woman, accordingly has been awarded $31 million dollars for the incident. The grieved husband’s claim has resulted in around a $2.9 million dollar award.

Here at Greg Memovich Law Firm, based on the Pensiula here in Silverdale, Washington State, there are so many important reasons why you would want to consult with a professional, well-respected lawyer. When an injured person may and will decide to file a personal injury lawsuit, Injury Law Kitsap is here as a vital resource. In some cases, it is absolutely vital to seek the correct financial and personal damages to assist in covering the costly expenses that very often, and usually do after such an accident. This was likely at least in part behind the woman and her husband filing the lawsuit in this case. According to this woman and man’s lawyer, the couple has, as a result of the award, will no longer have to survive and resided at a private nursing property and will not have to live away from her loving husband of more than 33 years. She is grateful that she will be able to move back into her home and receive the specialized care there in the presence of her husband.

There are many reasons that you might pursue a personal injury lawsuit. And whatever that reason is, if you choose to file a personal injury lawsuit, you at a minimum should consult and take action sooner rather than later, as the nature of cases like these…

The Seattle Times, “Washinton jury awards injured woman $31 million”

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